The Sydney Morning Herald

" ...the seductive West Virginian twang of Sierra Ferrell, who transfixed the crowd with a voice redolent of a young Dolly Parton, or maybe even Marlon Williams. (Ferrell pairs a nice bluegrass acoustic sound with a voice that can hold a note somewhere between croon, a chord and a warble.)"

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“Meet West Virginia's Sierra Ferrell, now in Nashville and newly signed to Rounder. She's been wandering the country busking and adventuring, and she's got a tremendous voice that's joyously lilting, and at once vintage and contemporary. She sings with abandon, with a huge repertoire that spans jazz, country and cowboy music, with undertones of the blues.”

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Sierra Ferrell, who has a fierce vulnerability that is irresistible. As June did Johnny, you’ll fall for her like a child. She’ll be doing some songs from a forthcoming album for Rounder; I’ve heard them and they will take your breath away

- No Depression


“Sierra Ferrell plays the saw, and if that’s not enough to make you want to see her live then I don’t know what is. Steeped in Nashvillian roots, her vocals are coated in a warm patina, yet her music feels contemporary. It’s also full of heart, fiddle, and pedal steel.”

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Deli Magazine

“She's busked around the country and built her following in her own way, choosing to blow with the wind and let her music take her where it will. Taking inspiration from Dolly and Emmylou, Ferrell makes Americana her own with her voice's subtle warble and breadth of emotion”

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Acoustic Life

'“She’s got a voice that is plucked from old time radio – it’s so unique and has a wonderful vintage characteristic. Sierra’s song writing is top notch.”

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